Loans for
Tenants in Common

Unlocking TIC investment opportunities, one loan at a time.

"Unlock Opportunities for Buying or Selling Shares in Real Estate with TIC Shared Ownership!"

Shared Ownership of Real Estate

Declining affordability has shifted the reality of home ownership, with more buyers reluctant to take out a large mortgage to purchase a property on their own. 

TIC Loans presents an opportunity for the many disenfranchised to get into the property market one affordable bite-sized piece at a time.

Shared ownership, that is, buying an investment property and sharing the cost with a friend is less risky and can be of practical benefit, especially given the recent escalating cost of property, and the rising cost of living.


Get on the Property Ladder Sooner

Types of property suitable for TIC shared ownership.

(Timeshare with Title)

As a lender, are you innovative enough to develop a Loan Product for individual TIC borrowers taking security over their TIC share?

A Huge Untapped Market

Times have changed, and the way lenders do business and the products they offer also need to change if they are going to successfully meet the housing affordability and property market challenges of today.

TicX provides an opportunity for a visionary lender to expand into a vast disenfranchised and untapped group of potential homeowners and investors.

The lender who is innovative enough to seize this opportunity will also profit from being the first mover into this huge demographic.

A TIC share can be Mortgaged

“A tenant in common has the right to sell or mortgage their share of a property. They can do this without the agreement of the other tenants.”  This is enshrined in property law! 

TicX Lowers Lender Risk

The advent of the ticX trading exchange for tenant in common shares in real estate could well be the biggest thing to happen to the property sector since the introduction of Strata Title in 1961.

TIC loans are secured by a registered mortgage over the TIC share and liquidity is provided via the Tenant in Common Exchange platform.

TicX lessens the risk of lending to TIC co-owners. If a mortgagor defaults in the performance of its obligations, the mortgagee will be entitled to sell the TIC share on the ticX to recover its debt.

An Invitation to Join our Lending Panel

TIC Loans invites visionary lenders to consider expanding into a vast disenfranchised group of potential homeowners and investors. Are you innovative enough to seize this opportunity & profit from being among the first movers into this demographic?